The family has been through a lot. They’ve rebuilt themselves and now turn their focus on building up the dojo and now with help of Mona they are attempting to set up a governing body in Mutant Town. All was going so well until a familiar face turns up and completely upends everything. The turtles face their biggest challenge yet since coming back together. Sure this is not uncharted territory, however, the stakes are vastly different. As the story unfolds you can’t help but think about the adverse effects this could have. This mission that the TMNT are embarking on in issue #113 is not just about them but the future of Mutant Town and its citizens.

Sophie Campbell, Ronda Pattison, and Shawn Lee form a trio of creative magnificence that continues to leave its mark on turtle lore. Sophie Campbell’s dual-threat of art and words continue to be outstanding, pushing boundaries and demolishing anything in her way. Ronda Pattison’s uncanny ability to amaze with converting her passion into brilliant colors gives way to her superb instinct when it comes to capturing the story through color. Shawn Lee “reads the room” like no other when it comes to his lettering which has panels jumping off the page. Whether it’s a snippet of Donatello’s notebook, or Karai yelling, Lee’s lettering is always on point. The bottom line is this trio is top-notch as is this issue.

Issue #113 continues the monumental growth spurt the family is currently going through. Campbell continues to weave in modern issues while maintaining an authentic feel that is well executed and not overdone. Seeing Mona take charge in her new role, that beautiful panel with Jenny and…(no spoilers; you’re gonna have to read the issue!), and then the big reveal that is full of big emotion, it’s panels like these that it seems that Sophie Campbell has spilled a giant glass of passion all the panels. While I will maintain a spoiler-free review I do want to mention that this reveal could have implications going forward. I could easily see the events of #113 start to splinter (no pun intended) the family once more and only adding to what this could lead to, Karai has new friends she can’t wait to unleash on the world.

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