It has been nearly three years since I have been matched with my little sister through the Mankato YMCA. What began as a resume booster has turned into one of the most meaningful relationships in my life.

Consider the adults who supported you in your youth, who cheered for you and lifted you up — teachers, coaches, neighbors. Where would you be without the support of adults who believed in you? Given the opportunity, would you be that adult to a child in our community? A two hour per week commitment from you could give a child in our community that sense of support and belonging.

Covid-19 has only made matching mentors and mentees more difficult. Currently, the Mankato YMCA Brother Sister Program has 80 young boys waiting for a mentor. The average wait time is three years. That is three years that these boys might be lacking strong male role models, three years that they might be missing the backbone of their support system.

When I first became a mentor, I naively assumed that my sister’s life would be the only one changed for the better. The investment made in these children is truly an investment made in the future of our community, as well as an investment in ourselves. What future do you see for the Mankato area, and how are you going to influence that future?

Creating a healthy and respectful relationship with a child through the YMCA can positively impact our community. The ripple effect of the brother sister program is immense.

Courtney Colton


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