President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, will likely get confirmed, but he'll have a steep learning curve and a lot of work given the shortcomings of the previous administration, David DeMatthews writes.

The next four years at the U.S. Department of Education are vitally important for the education of our nation. Miguel Cardona will probably be confirmed by the Senate and succeed Betsy DeVos as the next U.S. secretary of education, but whoever takes on the role will have a steep learning curve and a lot of work given the shortcomings of the previous administration. 

DeVos-era policies were devastating and included efforts to shift money away from public schools serving low-income students, delay measures to address racial disproportionality in special education and discipline, and eliminate key student loan protections. 

Cardona’s tenure at the Education Department will be consequential given the current state of public education, public health and the economy. Although he is a former public school teacher, principal and Connecticut commissioner of education, he lacks higher education experience and has limited time working as a leader within state government. Thus, he will need to immediately hire a support staff with higher education and political experience and draw upon his administrative skills to manage the department’s 4,400 employees and $68 billion budget.  

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