The next installment in the Mortgage Leadership Outlook’s Tech Stack Heroes collaboration with BeSmartee will feature Nicholas Ripple, head of product for Network Funding. Andrew Berman and BeSmartee’s co-founder and CEO Tim Nguyen will chat with Ripple about his path to become head of product at Network Funding, Network Funding’s tech stack, major opportunities and obstacles facing independent mortgage lenders over the next two years on Wednesday, June 30.

Ripple is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He is a results-driven leader that leverages perseverance, leadership, and intellect to overcome obstacles. Ripple has 14 years of professional experience spanning technology, finance, real estate and engineering. Currently, he is the head of product at Network Funding, L.P. overseeing all consumer-facing technology systems.

Join in on the conversation with Ripple, Berman and Nguyen. Log on to the NMP Facebook page and post your questions in the comments section. Our guest and co-hosts will be answering questions live, and discuss important topics in the industry at 4 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, June 30.‍

Previous guests include Robert BroeksmitJosh FriendJoe DahleenTim NguyenKristy FerchoTony ThompsonMat IshbiaDavid LunaBarry HabibRob Chrisman and more.

See all the interviews from the Mortgage Leadership Outlook series on its YouTube channel.

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