“Both New York teams need a new catcher,” reads another at the New York Daily News.

There’s a catcher conundrum in the Big Apple. You don’t have to squint hard to see how it could possibly wind up impacting Molina’s free agency. Especially if a quick and easy two-year extension with the Cardinals cannot be reached. One of those teams that has contacted Molina’s camp, Post-Dispatch colleague Derrick Goold has reported, is the Yankees.

Sanchez is the Yankees catcher who has thinned the patience of his front office. His normally productive offense crashed in 2020 and his predictably problematic defense was present again. He lost his starting job during the playoffs. The Yankees can hope Sanchez bounces back, trade him or non-tender him to send him to free agency.

Steve Cohen is the brand new owner of the Mets, a self-described big spender who was not tagged by the losses other owners experienced in the pandemic-challenged 2020. His new team could use a catcher as well. How he pursues that need, and how he views it as a competition against the Yankees, could change the landscape of the catching market this offseason.

J.T. Realmuto is the top free agent catcher in this class, the one most likely to be immune from a pandemic-impacted contract, the player who will set the market whether he returns to the Phillies, goes to New York City or somewhere else entirely.

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