As the Covid-19 pandemic has acutely demonstrated, cyber fraud and related misconduct is increasing. So too are the abilities to utilize under-regulated crypto assets while systems of law around the world make their mind up about the nature of such ‘property’ and its regulation. Further, bad actors are utilizing advancing technologies to perpetrate wrongdoing, and conceal or transact assets in non-traditional ways.

The International Chamber of Commerce’s FraudNet unit has published a new Global Annual Report to highlight international developments and perspectives in fraud, financial crime and asset recovery.

Compiled as a series of articles by experts in their field, the Inaugural FraudNet Global Report 2021 includes case studies such as the Coincheck Cryptocurrency hack, theoretical discussions, and practical solutions-based insights. It covers a range of important themes, including developments in criminal and civil asset recovery initiatives, beneficial ownership and corporate transparency, ‘offshore’ issues, fraud and insolvency, cybercrime and security, evidential and ethical considerations, unexplained wealth and account freezing orders, forged commodities, crypto-assets and their regulation, and forensic analysis.

Practical illustrations and examples also feature and add context to complex and developing areas of law. The report also includes articles from leading academics associated with FraudNet, who are engaged in ongoing research in the field.

Download the report at FraudNet

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