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Harvest, a new (DeFi) platform created on the Kava blockchain, plans to launch a product that will enable users to earn more on Bitcoin, XRP, Binance coin, and two other cryptos.

Harvest offers crypto users the platform to supply crypto assets for lending, and earn interest on them, as well as use their crypto as security for borrowing, according to Brian Kerr, Kava’s co-founder and chief executive.

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Both borrowers and lenders earn HARD, Harvest’s governance token. It also supports Chainlink LINK, the Binance USD stablecoin (BUSD), Binance Coin (BNB), and Kava’s digital assets—KAVA and USDX

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On Harvest there are three major activities:

Supply: You can safely supply your digital assets on Harvest and earn interest.
Borrow: You can use your digital assets as collateral to borrow others.
Earn: Suppliers and borrowers earn HARD, the governance token of Harvest.

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How Harvest was created?

Harvest is an application designed on Kava; as such, it leverages Kava’s existing validators for security, bridges for cross-chain asset transfer, and partners services such as Chainlink oracles for price-reference data.

What crypto experts are saying about Harvest

“ is a logical addition to the DeFi ecosystem taking shape around Kava. We think the choice it brings to investors to lend and borrow assets, not well supported by existing platforms, is really exciting—as is the ability for Kava stakers to earn HARD tokens and participate in the new platform’s governance.

“The Kava community is one of the most active in crypto so we look forward to joining with them to support Harvest’s launch and future growth.”  –Richard Galvin, Digital Asset Capital Management

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“Kava’s shift from “DeFi application” to “application platform” means that KAVA token holders get exposure to every new idea and implementation in the ecosystem. This is exciting and something we haven’t yet seen in the blockchain space.”– Michael Anderson, Framework Ventures

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