Revolut US clients can now trade in Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin

Revolut’s U.S. crypto exchange expands its roster of tradable cryptocurrencies.

Clients of the recently launched Revolut crypto exchange in the U.S. now have more tokens to choose from. The company announced that it has added support to two more cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

In a recent announcement, Revolut confirmed the addition of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin support, according to This means that users of the platform can now buy, sell, and store four different cryptocurrencies.

Revolut launched its crypto exchange in the United States six weeks ago. However, the platform only supported Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETC) upon its launch. With the addition of the two new coins in its roster of tradable cryptocurrencies, the platform now allows American clients to easily trade in these assets.

Along with the rising cryptocurrency adoption, Revolut’s business has been picking up as well. The company said that it now has around 13 million clients worldwide with a million of its users trading regularly.

“Monthly crypto volumes are in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” Revolut said during the announcement of BCH and LTC support. The crypto exchange also said that the number of daily signups to its services is around 5,000.

The company explained that its decision to include BCH and LTC into its roster of tradable tokens is driven by customer demand. “At Revolut we pride ourselves in being a customer-obsessed brand,” Revolut’s Head of Crypto Edward Cooper said. “Since we launched our crypto offering in the States, we had swarms of customers requesting that we add Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to the product. So, we took notice, got straight to work, and were able to deliver in just four weeks.”

Revolut prides itself on offering crypto services that are easy to use. “Traditional exchanges can be clunky and confusing, which immediately puts a lot of people off,” Cooper added. “We have built a platform that gives you exposure to the world of digital currencies at the tap of a button, and that’s the way it should be.”

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