Is QB Direct Legal For Bet Funding At Online Sportsbooks?

Yes! There are no US gambling laws against making cryptocurrency transactions, and there are no laws against using the QB Direct service. QB Direct is a legitimate money processor that takes your electronic deposits (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.) and converts them to crypto – in this case Litecoin (LTC) – before sending them to your legal online sportsbook.

In fact, this process was specifically designed to make it easier than ever for sports bettors to bypass the UIGEA banking law, which occasionally impacts international fiat money deposits. While the UIGEA does not penalize US residents for using traditional banking methods to fund offshore sports betting, it does sometimes cause such transactions to be delayed or declined.

QB Direct is a direct way around this annoyance, because when you see a betting line you like, the last thing you need is for a card payment to get caught in red tape when your team’s in the red zone.

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