Something that was believed impossible, knowing some of the best kept secrets of Luis Miguel came true and all thanks to his hairdresser trustworthy.

He himself revealed some details about the tastes of the artist since he is your trusted hairdresser, therefore he knows perfectly what to do when the artist arrives without warning to put himself in your hands.

While many people pay as little as 100 pesos or a little more to renew their hair, the “Sol de México, pays the humble amount of thousand 300 pesos.

The cost was sixty dollars (1,320 pesos approximately). For all men it is the same price, women pay around 120 dollars (2,680 pesos), detailed the Hairstylist.

His now head stylist in Miami, has managed to perfect his techniques to continue in the preferences of the interpreter of “The unconditional“, he says.

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The stylist himself pointed out that now the singer he lets himself be seen in public in the simplest way, and contrary to what you might imagine, he even waits patiently for his turn to have his hair cut in a Miami salon.

Luis Bonomo is the man who has the fortune to touch the hair of the 50-year-old singer, the same that in recent days a photo taken with the artist became very viral so through an interview he made it known that he has been caring for the singer’s image since he met him in 2017.

How was your encounter with the Sun

Luis Bonomo, of Argentine origin, he told in detail how he earned the singer’s trust, as well as what style he likes to use and how he reacts when people recognize him.

Among other details, Luis Bonomo, revealed that Luismi pays $ 60 (1,340 pesos, approximately) for work, he also affirmed what was once rumor about his aroma.

Last April, Lucía, the widow of his ex-manager Hugo López, revealed certain details about the artist:

Glamor likes good perfumes, good lotions. Whenever you get close to it, it smells unique and delicious

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Also, the stylist, who also shares the same name as “Luismi“reveals that the artist arrives without an appointment,

He never makes an appointment; He arrives, greets me and asks if I have a chance or does he have to wait

I met him a 2017, One day he came to the living room alone and the least I imagined it was him, we started chatting and he behaved quite well, he said.

Come say hello and wait your turn

He loved the cut I made and the treatment, from then on a beautiful friendship emerged. He never makes an appointment, comes in, says hello and asks if I have space or has to wait.

Yes! Incredible as it may seem, the singer has waited on some occasions, on some others he goes to the hotel restaurant and there he waits to be told if he can come down.

That’s how he is, a very cordial and respectful guy, says the stylist.

Regarding the treatment that the artist gives to people who recognize him and ask him for some autograph he points out that “he gives it to them without any problem.”

He even confessed that before meeting him he had another idea about him, but after getting to know him more closely his perception totally changed points. “It has sorprised me for good”.

And it is that he points out, he verified that many rumors that circulate around the artist are false, or thus also mistaken ideas such as that he orders to close each place he visits, in the case of beauty salon This is not the case, he indicates on some occasions if he can be more discreet with glasses and a cap and on others not.

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In the same way, he pointed out that due to the Photo that was taken with him, many fans have even visited the premises with it from afar. hope to find him, until one day one of them was lucky, he said

If there is something that distinguishes the artist when it arrives it is its strong aroma, it points out Bonomo, “It is very strong and its aroma remains impregnated for a month,” he details.

As for the cut, what is your style?

The Argentine stylist reveals that a Luis Miguel he likes a clean cut like a tuxedo; He is a very classic type, the most important thing is that the neck looks clean. I cut it very thin on the sides and a little longer at the top, to give it shape.

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The last time I changed the style: I lowered him more to the sides and made him a jopo type; that is, with more volume on top with a more modern cut, “it was before the pandemic,” he clarifies.

Recently the artist appeared again for a commercial for an online food delivery platform, which generated various criticisms, to which Luis Bonomo reiterates he has his own opinion regarding the hair look he wore since he was not responsible, as described by the magazine TvyNovelas in the talk he had with the hair artist.

He has seen him sing Live

He invited me to the last concert he gave here in Miami, he told me to go with my wife and I felt very privileged, because I know that he does not give tickets to anyone, so all that has been very special for me.

The Argentinian Luis Bonomo He came to Miami in 2000 in search of his dream. She got married in 2002 and had a daughter, got her cosmetology license, took an exam, and started working.

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In the case of Luis Bonomo notes that it is not difficult to work with stars as long as you do not invade or harass them.

I treat everyone the same, be it a Hollywood star or the person who works at the corner kiosk. That is why I think I clicked well with Luis Miguel, for example, because I have not hung up on another situation.

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