USA, February 7, 2021 / — With Ethereum starting to outperform Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and transaction fees at an all-time high, it is more important than ever for investors to have an affordable, simple way to batch send different amounts of Etherum or ERC20 to multiple addresses in a single transaction. The Tokensender dApp simplifies these transactions and is a gamechanger that will save users valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on both transaction fees and conducting multiple transactions.

By simply accessing the Tokensender dApp, also known as a blockchain integrated application, connecting to a crypto wallet, and either uploading a CSV file or pasting values of registered Ethereum into the text box, users can quickly send Ethereum or ERC20 to up to 150 recipients simultaneously. Users can seamlessly toggle between Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, making Tokensender the perfect platform for these different transaction types. This is an incredible solution for investors who rely on airdrops for Ethereum and ERC20 distribution.

While over 4.5 million Ethereum addresses currently exist and there are 1.25 million active users of Ethereum, only 100,000 people currently use dApps. Though dApps are still in their infancy, the more people know about using dApps, the easier it is to take advantage of their benefits. In this instance, dApps make the process of sending Ethereum and ERC20 as simple and affordable as possible. The uses of Ethereum are rapidly increasing every day, making the arrival of this dApp solution perfectly timed.

Investors who wish to learn more about batch sending Ethereum and ERC20 to multiple addresses should visit the Tokensender website and view Tokensender’s tutorial.

About Tokensender

Tokensender is an application that offers users the opportunity to do batch processing, sending Ethereum to up to 150 addresses simultaneously with a single transaction. Tokensender is committed to making investing in Ethereum easy, user friendly, and accessible. For this reason, Tokensender will soon provide services such as Binance Smart Chain and Tron Network and is already creating resources and tutorials to help investors navigate the dApp.

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