• Users can store, spend, receive, and stake on the platform’s mobile interface.
  • Staking is currently available on Android and will soon be supported on iOS.
  • Zilliqa users will have access to a multi-coin wallet on Frontier with control of their private keys.

Frontier has recently launched staking on Zilliqa (ZIL) on its platform for all users. According to an announcement on Twitter, Zilliqa staking is now live straight from the Frontier app. Through the application, users can stake ZIL as well as spend, store, and receive anytime they want to trade. As of now, $ZIL live trading using Frontier is only available using Android phones, but plans are set to include iOS in the future.

According to Frontier, users can make the stakes using ZILL’s native tokens after loading up their $ZIL wallet. The launch also has pro features that can enable users to see any estimated returns for your tokens. The returns can be viewed daily, weekly, and even annually through the new integrated frontier platform.

About Frontier

Frontier is a user-friendly and straightforward wallet built to support the DeFi ecosystem. It provides a decentralized way for people to invest and control their private keys. It is known for being safe, simple, and fun using DeFi networks through its platform. As the DeFi space continues to explode, Frontier has 10 protocols where users can tie all their data and account info for efficiency and streamlined investing. Its innovative wallet currently supports  MakerDao SCD, Compound Finance, Set Protocol and Uniswap.

Growth of non-custodial staking

The crypto space has seen an explosion of non-custodial staking providers who are looking to give power back to the people. In this form of staking, people own the keys to their coins which ensures security and transparency. The investors often have 100% control of where they want to stake and even which validators to use.

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