AURORA, Colo., Aug. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The recent launch of ThorBot’s quantitative robot trading software has successfully sparked market attention. To survive in the digital currency trading market, one needs to have a complete trading system, including position management, risk management, technical system, etc. ThorBot’s quantitative machine trading platform, which helps users to trade safely and soundly, has been continuously welcomed by investors in the market.

Safety is always the first principle of trading. ThorBot’s quantitative trading robots help users to place fully automated orders 24/7. ThorBot Quantified Robots provides investors with a zero-threshold, low-cost, efficient and high-quality quantitative investment trading tool.

ThorBot Quantified Robots is an emerging digital currency trading software, invested by Stable Fund, MakerDAO. What sets it apart from other quantitative robot trading software is that ThorBot is the first to be licensed by the MSB in the U.S. ThorBot reinvents and redefines digital currency investment through quantitative trading, saving a lot of time and effort and helping digital currency investors to make better decisions.

ThorBot Quantified Robots has received a $10 million investment from Stable Fund and MakerDAO. The team comes from an experienced internet product design team and the trading capital is also traded on world-recognised and well-known exchanges such as Huobi and Binance. According to the ThorBot team, monthly turnover has now exceeded $1 billion.

ThorBot’s quantitative robotics platform has a great experience of use, giving ordinary users access to advanced trading tools that were previously only available to large institutions.

Media Contact

Brand: ThorBot
Contact: Thomas, Marketing Director
Telephone: +1 213-375-3898


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