New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – April 29, 2021) – Recently, the one-stop decentralized service platform Fido was launched. It was specially designed for Filecoin which is the only actuator layer of the IPFS protocol. Filecoin can move massive data into the distributed and decentralized data store system to ensure data security, fast distribution, and smooth experience. It represents the new generation of the new internet format is gradually becoming mature. Just at the same time, the decentralized financial DEFI and decentralized autonomy of MakerDao were fully accepted by the public society. Whether it is the infinite high ceiling of the hard disk storage market, or the new financing management model, they all pave the way for disruptive innovation and the experiment of securitization economy.


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The huge application demand calls for the new blockchain companies. The highly transparent financing model, and the huge industry momentum of distributed storage will promote IDO pattern to become possible, with high transparency, self-verification, decentralized autonomy, and strict supervision. In order to create a capable and reliable chain of production relations, Fido is born at the right time.


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For the current problem of hash power, the Fido team has allied with the top industry partners, actively innovated to create a decentralized hash power service platform that makes hash power securitization, low-threshold for users’ participation, transparent mining rig monitoring, automatic income distribution and decentralized autonomous platform.


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Fido is a DAPP logged in through the digital wallet, with the open and audited code. It functions as a decentralized hash power trading platform for Filecoin’s hash power sales. In Fido, users have complete digital asset ownership, the right to buy and sell, FIL loan, mobility mining, and other rights. The highly transparent information disclosure enables users to break the information gap with the lowest transaction cost and purchase their favorite investment products.

Fido claimed they have unduplicated advantages such as the lowest price of hash power, the highest lending interest rate, the most comprehensive hash power product, the lowest threshold hash power investment, and the most secure mining of the whole network.

Bring Hash Power Within Reach!

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Dora Yin

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