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  • CDP liquidations on MakerDAO have increased by over 170% in July as ETH prices have fallen 25%
  • Although the amount of PETH liquidated in July was a fraction of the levels experienced in late 2018, the number of liquidations in July reached an all time high
  • Of the 603 liquidations in July, 67% were incurred by CDP’s with less than 5,000 DAI outstanding
  • Of the 78 million DAI currently outstanding, 8.1 million are associated with CDPs with a high risk of liquidation

With the price of ETH falling nearly 25% in July, CDP liquidations on MakerDAO have been at the highest levels seen all year. In aggregate, nearly 25,000 Pooled ETH (PETH) in collateral was liquidated throughout July to pay off outstanding debt, up from the 9,000 PETH liquidated in June.

Source: Dai Embassy, The Block

Despite this, the amount of PETH liquidated in July still paled in comparison to the levels experienced last year.

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2019-08-02 10:34:00
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