Popular cryptocurrency researcher Lark Davis thinks that some decentralized finance (DeFi) projects built on Ethereum have significant growth potential. Davis announced four little-known cryptocurrencies that he believed could grow big in the short term:

“I believe that DeFi, which is not built on Ethereum, will see great growth in the coming months.”

Crypto Coins With Best Growth Potential

Davis sees Kava (KAVA), Band Protocol (BAND), Switcheo (SWTH) and Nash (NEX) as the best growth potential cryptocurrencies.

Kava is a cross chain DeFi credit platform. Token price is trading at around $ 2.24 at the time of writing and has seen a 4-fold increase since mid-May.

Despite the already rapidly rising value, Davis says the token still has “great potential for long-term price valuation”.

“Team and Kava supporters are very, very strong. I think this feature can evaluate as much as Ethereum’s Makerdao and reach a market value of over $ 1 billion. ”

BAND Protocol is Oracle’s local and layered network that competes with Chainlink. His token is currently trading at around $ 2.75. It has increased by nearly 120% since the beginning of July. About Davis BAND says:

“BAND already has a large and growing staff of well-known partners such as Binance and Wanchain, Elrond, Phantom and Kava.”

SWTH and NEX are both decentralized stock tokens. Davis says they have the potential to grow because Switcheo is launching a new derivative exchange and modernizing the token model, and Nash has launched a zero transaction fee on the stock market to users in the European Union.

However, Davis warns that both are competing with tons of decentralized exchanges that can affect their growth.

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