Blockchain Bites: Coinsquare Conclusion, Ethereum Fees and a GPT-3 Poet

Australian blockchain startups are taking tech giants to court for banning crypto advertisements during the ICO boom, Coinsquare executives have settled over accusations of wash trading and South Korea is mulling increased taxes on crypto profits.

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CoinDesk spoke with Gwern, the pseudonymous tech researcher, about his ongoing experiments with the most powerful AI language model to date. 

OpenAI’s GPT-3 has “read” nearly every word published online, and now has the ability to complete human prompts. The tool can write media articles, business prospectuses and – as Gwern has discovered – poetry. 

Human: Please write me a sonnet on the subject of the Forth Bridge.

AI: Countless their wheat-stacks tall and trains which roar across it by night, All these must fall like Gabriel’s hair, Which was all gold before it withered.

As others have noted, the model can’t think on its own and has clear limitations in always writing what its users want it to. To this end, Gwern found that the biggest hurdle is in coming up with the right prompt. 

“I think it is partially a matter of intelligence and the technology, yes. I should be able to write out clear descriptions and provide a few examples, which would be enough for a human to infer my intent, but right now it’s still quite chancy for GPT-3 to pick good completions,” he said over a direct message. 

Considering this, CoinDesk asked whether the final result of running a situation feels like his own work of art. 

“[W]hen I nail a prompt, what I tend to feel is more that I’ve created a new genre,” he said. “[I]n the way that JRR Tolkien might feel that he was the author of ‘fantasy’ even if he didn’t feel otherwise like the author of any specific fantasy book, if you follow me. [O]ther people take the idea and run with it. [Y]ou feel proud of how your idea goes on without you.”

Still, after a month of experimentation, Gwern has found the novelty has worn off. “[I]f I’m going to spend half an hour on something, it’d better be testing something interesting on GPT-3.”

That’s a fine position to take while the program is still in a private beta. It might be a different story when it’s released to the world.

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From its technical aspirations to unicorns and memes, Ethereum is a culture on its own. It has spawned blockchain uses — from digital cats to yield farming — previously unimagined. 

Ethereum is at a crossroads. But it must complete an ambitious and fraught retooling of its foundations — the long awaited move to Ethereum 2.0 — to keep up with the market’s demands.


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