, as a fair blockchain game platform, currently supports btc, eth, trx and usdt deposit and withdrawal. Due to its fairness, it has become popular and has generated a huge global community, with users from all across the world.

Unlike the old school game platform, uses blockchain technology to ensure fairness. The game results are generated through encryption and cannot be tampered with, ensuring fairness and justice. Games in VIPGAME uses RSA asymmetric encryption. Randomly generated draw numbers and card decks of Blackjack are encrypted by the private key and converted to a string of hexadecimal digits (hash value). After the game, the draw number/deck will be revealed and players can verify the consistency of the draw number/deck, public key, and the hash value. Vipgame currently supports seven games including blackjack, crash, and dice.

Vipgame’s house edge is between 0.36% and 2.5%, which is very low. For new players, vipgame provides generous gifts, such as registration bonuses, and coindrops .

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