LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2021 / As the end of quarter two comes into view, Plethori inches closer to the release of its decentralized Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) platform. Meanwhile, investors wait with much anticipation for an ease of access never before seen in crypto-land. By contrast, in traditional finance, ETFs have cemented themselves as a certified cornerstone, having captured a staggering $7.7 trillion dollars of the $80 trillion tied up in global trading markets. Even so, it’s easy to forget that ETFs are a relatively new financial invention, being created only three decades ago with the rise of Web 1.0. Now, with the emergence of blockchain technology and the birth of what many are calling Web 3.0, Plethori has seized the momentum to bootstrap ETF’s natural next leap forward.

Plethori Version One

Plethori’s premier platform is set to disrupt how investors approach their crypto strategy, and ultimately pave the way for mainstream adoption. Its value is obvious: In a landscape where trends change at dizzying speeds and investors must remain knowledgeable to stay ahead of the curve, Plethori introduces simplicity into what, until now, has been characterized by complexity. Users will no longer be dependent upon the difficult and time intensive process of gem hunting but instead will have access to Plethori’s carefully researched selection of ETFs. By the end of June, the team will release version one of their platform, in which investors will have access to a plethora – hence the name – of curated ETFs, designed to sample the hottest trends in the market. So not only will users be able to mitigate risk through more exposure, but now they will never need to risk missing out on the latest craze, whether it be DeFi, NFTs, oracles, insurance, layer two solutions, or meme coins.

Beyond being a first mover with rock solid product-market-fit, Plethori’s elegant technicals position them to be a dynamic agent of change in the crypto space and in finance as a whole. Their one-of-a-kind cross-chain investment platform is built on the Ethereum network with development in place to roll out on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and other major blockchains. In this way, Plethori is blockchain agnostic and best able to reap the fullest benefits of decentralization. In stark contrast to centralized ETF trading, with Plethori, retail investors can now take full stewardship of their capital and cut out institutional middlemen – no KYC or bank affiliation required, all thanks to the magic of blockchain. With fully audited smart contracts, trust actually becomes a non factor, as investors need only see the efficacy of the protocol to be convinced of its integrity. Said another way, the use of blockchain gives Plethori military-grade level security while at the same time offering full transparency. This reduces fraud and insider trading because anyone can view the distributed ledger. The significance of this is the complete elimination of third party error and self interest. Additionally, with the integration of Optimism, a leading layer two solution, Plethori will bolster scalability and employ instantaneous and ultra cheap transactions.

Beyond the ability to trade ETFs, some of the key features of the platform include: Metamask Wallet connectivity for trustless non-custodial transactions; Blank Wallet integration for secure, private transactions; ultra-low fees on transactions; margin trading; leveraged trading; advanced charting features; detailed asset information; cryptocurrency market analytics; portfolio management tools; PLE token staking, farming, and a lot more to come.

To use Plethori, investors simply need to connect their browser’s wallet extension to the platform while holding the PLE token. It acts as a key that is required to access the platform’s diverse and desperately needed benefits. Just as ETFs were originally created to mitigate trading fees, market volatility, and individual project risk, so too will ETFs do the same for crypto currency. The only difference being, that these three factors vex the crypto market on a much larger scale; therefore rendering crypto ETFs all the more essential.

To further lessen investor risk, the cross-chain investment platform recently partnered with Shield Finance – a multichain DeFi insurance aggregator which allows investors to protect their portfolio against ‘black swan’ events such as hacks, exploits, rug pulls, and market crashes. All token holders need to do is pay the added insurance against negative price movement. This same mechanism will be in place for the PLE token, which will give investors the ability to sell their $PLE at a guaranteed price (irrespective of current market action.)

Plethori Version Two and Beyond

Even with all this and more in the short term future, the team is already planning future iterations of the trading platform. With Version two, which is slated for release during quarter three, not only will users be able to trade ETFs, but they will also be able to create them as fund managers. This will add an extra layer of profitability as fund managers will be rewarded with passive income via trading fees. Because all ETFs are not created equally, Plethori will introduce gamification through leaderboards and rewards, with NFTs playing a pivotal role, to separate the wheat from the chaff. The better an ETF performs, the more visibility it will have on the platform, thus providing the creator with more profit.

Beyond Plethori’s second version, decentralization offers near limitless opportunity for continued financial innovation. With tokenized assets, the team plans to roll out future updates that will render traditional ETF markets obsolete. As the boundaries between CeFi and DeFi blur, Plethori will usher in a future in which institutional gatekeepers and bureaucratic limitations are but a remnant of Web 2.0.

Plethori Governance

Financial empowerment is at the core of Plethori’s platform. Not only will investors be able to trade and create funds, but by holding the token and actively participating in the platform, the community will directly influence the development and advancement of the project.

Plethori’s goal is to foster a genuine community in which dedicated members, organized by tiers, will be able to coordinate with one another as they plan and propose changes to the ecosystem. There will be a weighting system in place to ensure that voting power is dependent upon level of involvement within the ecosystem, and not based merely on holding a large quantity of tokens.


Thirty years after their inception, it is finally time for ETFs to take their next step forward by embracing the liberating effect of blockchain technology. For the first time ever, Plethori will empower investors with tools previously enjoyed exclusively by centralized institutions so that the individual can finally assume a greater autonomy in the financial marketplace. The team has much in store, and is thrilled to deliver on their promises. As development ramps up to the impending launch of the V1 platform, Plethori officially welcomes all to join in the creation of a freer financial future.

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