The price action in NEAR has brought us to the ATH in this month of August.

It is evident that many parties have an interest in NEAR and this is observed by this price action.

We will no longer be far from the ATH . The most likely is a correction and accumulation in the intermediate levels of the fibonacci, which in turn follow the uptrend seen in the chart.

In turn NEAR is growing fast because its community is amazing.

OWS by itself is incredible, one of the communities that contributes to the growth of NEAR.

Right now NEAR is deploying CITY NODES and HACK NODES where events are taking place in accordance with HACKATONS, MetaBUILD hackatons are taking place right now.

NEAR also has a free course where it teaches developers to deploy and code smart contracts

Developers are even paid upon completion of the course.

NFT platforms such as Mintbase have moved from ETHEREUM to NEAR as the latter is much more efficient.

Among others we have finance dapps like REF Finance, bridges with ethereum like Aurora …

One of the most amazing dapps is SputnikDAO, it is precisely the DAO that has allowed the community to grow rapidly and distribute funds wisely in favor of organic growth.

We are talking about a third generation Blockchain which allows to run dapps in a simple way while the user enjoys a pleasant experience when using the dapps.

The user only needs to log in, very, very easy.

There is room for everyone in the NEARverse, for those who bet with for those who invest in Staking I tell you, NEAR is simple and provides constant income, now we have another opportunity to facilitate Staking with META a dapp that offers a service for immediate withdrawal of the frozen amount for said Staking

For those who like to play, we have Galaxy Online that reminds me of STAR WARS with a game model similar to the famous Clash Of Clans.

There is much in the future with this third generation blockchain, which is green, consumes low resources and transactions are immediate thanks to its technology that takes advantage of SHARDING.

SOLANA sounds, it went up, it is highly valued … Still, I do not recommend it. It is inflated, if you check the solana forum there is no community, there is nothing, it is an empty shell. They are investing in it because it is a third generation blockchain platform … But there is no one there to build … NEAR is very similar but it has not yet capitalized, that is, even the amount of tokens multiplied by the price is very, very very low compared to SOLANA and technologically superior … more in community then, there is no possible comparison. The NEAR community is a truly caring, caring and growth-focused community to help others develop, grow and ultimately create value for all.

If you are Spanish-speaking, search NEAR VENEZUELA on YouTube and you will find a free course developed by me and my team from Venezuela.

Good luck and take care.

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