SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dain Leaders, a blockchain edu-tech company, conducted a blockchain technology verification (PoC) support project managed by the Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) to verify the technology of the digital history management platform for foreign students applying blockchain technology.

In this project, Dain Leaders plans to prevent forgery and alteration of certificate documents in the international student admission process through blockchain technology verification on the integrated platform for digital history management of international students, reduce the administrative burden caused by authenticity verification, and improve the reliability in the admission process.

The number of international students entering Korea is increasing every year. Currently, 160,000 foreign students from 180 countries are devoting themselves to their studies through degree programs and language training courses at Korean universities. Among them, there are increasing numbers of foreign students who submit false certificates for the purpose of illegal employment, but universities and educational institutions that select them are not easy to distinguish them.

It seems that this problem can be solved through a blockchain-based integrated platform for international student digital history management in the admission process for international students. The match can be determined by comparing the original file of the foreign student’s certificate document recorded as a hash value in the blockchain with the file requested for verification by universities and educational institutions.

In addition, as the “Untact”(non-face-to-face) business due to COVID-19 expands around the world, it is expected to serve as a new window to convert the existing offline-centered study abroad business and administrative processing online.

“Through this Blockchain Technology Verification (PoC), we are guaranteed the reliability of foreign student certificates, and we can systematically manage their careers,” said Yoo Sung-ho, CEO of Dain Leaders. “Even after the end of the project, universities, educational institutions, foreign students, it will be enhanced by reflecting the feedback of the users of the platform such as agent agencies.”

Dain Leaders Co., Ltd. is a technology-based Edu-Tech company that leads the global education market based on “Untact” by integrating blockchain, AI, and big data with customer-oriented optimized system development in various fields such as domestic and overseas educational institutions and companies.



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