Republican Assemblyman Pat Hickey has resigned his legislative seat and joined the Nevada Board of Education.

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“Memo from the Middle” is an opinion column written by RGJ columnist Pat Hickey, a member of the Nevada Legislature from 1996 to 2016.

Nevada has a long history of welcoming dreamers to its desert. Mark Twain, Bugsy Siegel and Elon Musk all came here to plant their dreams in the Silver State’s sagebrush landscapes. The most recent dreamer to arrive is Blockchains CEO, Jeffrey Berns.

I spent time recently with the former Californian who made his millions as a consumer-protection lawyer and selling blockchain cryptocurrency. Like most California transplants, Jeff has fallen in love with Nevada. He told me, “There’s so much life out here, nature. From a business perspective, you can’t get anything done in California. Here in Nevada, we don’t get told we can’t do something. That spirit fits with me.”

He bristles at the comparison to Elon Musk and Tesla, saying; “We came into the state, bought all the land and haven’t asked for tax breaks. Instead, we believe that we should help find revenue streams for Nevada. I just need a place for other dreamers and thinkers to come and create.”

This undated illustration provided by Blockchains LLC shows a proposed

One treasure he couldn’t bring with him is water.

A quote often attributed to Mark Twain says, “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” Berns knows the humorist’s quote well. “My plan is to approach water differently. I want to work together with stakeholders, including the local tribal leaders and find a way that everyone wins.”

One thing he hasn’t won so far is approval from the locals where he wants to build. The Storey County Commission recently voted to oppose his independent government plan for Blockchain LLC’s Innovation Zone and Smart City project. Berns says it didn’t surprise him. 

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