Be on the lookout for developments in this technology though. In an age where trust is decreasing on so many levels, the transparency this technology offers will become increasingly attractive and blockchain will gain prevalence as a construction management tool.

The construction industry is an ever evolving market. Technology has taken center stage in that evolution over the last decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that process.  Perhaps the largest change already in place is the proliferation of videoconferencing. Necessity being the mother of invention, people have increasingly turned to this technology to hold meetings that formerly required in-person gatherings to review documents or work though complicated issues. Because of the length of time we have been in this “virtual world” and the fact that it allows some people to be more efficient, it’s hard to find anyone to disagree on the idea that videoconferencing is here to stay.

While they have not gained as much traction as videoconferencing yet, two other technologies seem to be on their way to the same level of acceptance in the industry. Both BIM and blockchain are growing in prominence as ways to help manage projects. These technologies provide clear advantages that industry professionals will continue to gravitate towards as the market adjusts to their introduction.  

Building Information Modeling

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