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Computer fraud: West 223rd Street

A resident reported that she had been contacted on social media July 20 and asked if she wanted to make money “mining Bitcoin.” She followed the directions given by the person, which entailed buying $1,500 worth of Bitcoin and sending it to him.

The person then got her banking information and supposedly set up an account for her in Switzerland. She was asked to send more money on several occasions due to “fees.” After she had sent out several thousand dollars, she got suspicious and stopped sending money.

Stolen vehicle: Lorain Road

Police responded to a report from a patron that his car had been stolen while at a business on July 27.

Upon police arrival, the victim told officers that he had left the car running while fueling, and went into the store to get cigarettes. When he came out a few minutes later, his 2013 Dodge Dart was gone and the gas pump handle was hanging.

Video footage shows a male suspect going to a Ford Escape parked at a different pump, then entering the victim’s car and leaving eastbound on Lorain Road. The Ford was still in the same spot and, upon checking, officers discovered that it had been entered as a stolen vehicle by Parma police.

Theft: Lorain Road

A resident reported an expensive pair of sunglasses stolen from her car on July 20.

Bicycle theft: West 220th Street

Police responded to a workout facility on July 22 for a report of a bicycle stolen from one of the patrons. The victim stated that she had left her bike unlocked with several other patrons’ bikes. When she got done working out, she found her bike was gone.

Another patron said she saw a man ride away on a bike, which was probably the victim’s. Four days later, a Spencer Lane resident reported that the bike was found near their house. It belonged to the victim and was turned over to her.

Drunken driving: Westgate

Police received a 911 call July 23 from a motorist reporting an impaired driver whose car had gone completely left of center multiple times, had struck the curb and was going through red lights.

Officers located the car as it was parking alongside Target at Westgate. As they approached, the driver stumbled out of the car, barely able to walk. A passenger was still inside, passed out, and when officers tried to wake him, he kept falling back to sleep.

The passenger told officers he had let the woman drive because he was too tired. He admitted to being a heroin addict.

The driver, a 34-year-old Avon Lake woman, was arrested and charged with OVI (drugs) and the car was impounded. Officers located pills, several needles and a metal spoon with drug residue. Both will be charged with drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Read more from the Sun Post Herald.

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