Most-wanted Wirecard executive transferred large amounts of Bitcoin from Dubai to Russia—Report

The former chief operating officer at disgraced payments firm Wirecard has reportedly transferred bitcoin from Dubai following his escape from Germany, according to reporting by German media. 

Jan Marsalek was a key figure behind the breakdown of Germany-based Wirecard, which has made headlines for filing for insolvency and allegations of improper accounting tied to billions of dollars that went missing from its balance sheet. 

The transfer of bitcoin suggests Marsalek is now in Russia. As per German publication Handelsblatt, Marsalek has been missing for weeks and he “is said to have brought significant sums to Russia in the form of bitcoins from Dubai, where Wirecard had dubious operations” as per a translation of a Sunday evening report.

Marsalek’s fascination with cryptocurrencies has been documented, as reported by The Journal. 

“Mr. Marsalek liked engaging in late-night discussions about cryptocurrencies and their ability to move money without a trace,” a July report noted. 

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