Bitcoin will soar to $500,000 because the US will start a war with Iran and Venezuela – of the hash-rate rather than the military variety – and the first salvoes will soon been fired, according to crypto analyst and TV personality Max Keiser.

In the latest episode of his Keiser Report TV show, he predicts that the Iranian and Venezuelan regimes will force the Trump administration to embrace the top crypto, Cointelegraph reported.

Thanks to Tehran potentially controlling 3% of the Bitcoin hash rate (the speed at which a given mining machine operates) already and Venezuela accepting BTC payments, albeit only briefly, it is only a matter of time before the Americans decide they need to fight for supremacy on the crypto battlefield.

“Iran has already got 3% of global hash rate, so now I think Venezuela will get 3%-5% pretty quickly,” said Keiser, who has been imploring his viewers to invest in bitcoin since it was just $1.

“And then at some point America will say, ‘We’ve got to enter the 21st-century space race of mining bitcoin,’ and then they’ll try to seek 20% of the hash rate, and then security goes up dramatically, and the price goes to $400,000, $500,000.”

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2020-07-02 09:46:00
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