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Real’s title push on ice leaves Zidane fuming

RESENDING WITH COMPLETE SCRIPT VIDEO SHOWS: NEWS CONFERENCE WITH REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, STILL PHOTOGRAPHS FROM REAL MADRID’S 0-0 DRAW AWAY WITH OSASUNA SHOWS: PAMPLONA, SPAIN (JANUARY 9, 2021) (MEDIAPRO – FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO RESALES) 1. REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE AT NEWS CONFERENCE 2. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: (ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL TRANSLATION) REPORTER, ASKING: “Do you think that this draw today, your second draw in the last three games, does it make your title push a lot more complicated now? And how did you see it based on your travel plans and the journey?” “Bad, very bad to be honest; because we did what we could and it wasn’t a football game to us. The conditions were very complicated and that’s all we can do. I can only say what we feel as a team, what’s happened after this game and over the last two days we know that we’ve struggled and we don’t really know when we can come back to Madrid weather tomorrow or Monday but that’s football at the moment and I don’t think it was a football game today but we have to take it on the chin and we’re going to forget about this and think of our next game.” 3. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: (ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL TRANSLATION) REPORTER, ASKING: “After you were stuck on the plane for three hours yesterday on the runway and there’s a lot of snow and ice on the pitch today and you’re not sure if you can go home tomorrow because of the conditions, because the Madrid airport is closing, you have a game on Wednesday, do you think that this game should have been suspended or postponed?” “Yes, of course.” 4. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: (ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL TRANSLATION) REPORTER, ASKING: “I haven’t seen you so bothered normally with stuff that’s related to off the pitch. Normally you only focus on what happens on the pitch. Do you believe that the game shouldn’t have been played today but do you think that La Liga has possibly made a bad decision against you?” “Well you know what I’ve said. I’m not going to go in depth with that. We played the game today because we were told we had to play and with these conditions you could see what we saw on the pitch; it wasn’t the best game. I don’t think it was the best game of football and in the end, we still played and that’s all we can do and that’s what I think. I have to think now in the future and we’ll see what we can do from here. We don’t know if we have to stay here, we’ll know what we’re doing tomorrow whether we can get home or on Monday. But until then we’re not sure. So, we’ll have to try and recuperate ourselves and think of Wednesday’s (sic: Thursday’s) game.” 5. NEWS CONFERENCE IN PROGRESS 6. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) REAL MADRID COACH, ZINEDINE ZIDANE, SAYING: (ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL TRANSLATION) REPORTER, ASKING: “I’d like to ask what affected you most? The fact that you were stuck on the plane yesterday for nearly five or the pitch today?” “Well, today. You asked me but you know exactly what I’m on about. I can’t complain about the flight, that was nothing to do with us. It’s the fact that we played the game. For me the conditions weren’t ideal to play a football match and that’s that and that’s what we have to deal with.” 7. ZIDANE LEAVING AT END OF NEWS CONFERENCE PAMPLONA, SPAIN (JANUARY 9, 2021) (REUTERS PICTURES – ACCESS ALL) (MUTE) 8. THREE STILL PHOTOGRAPHS OF GROUND STAFF CLEARING SNOW OFF THE PITCH BEFORE THE MATCH 9. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF REAL MADRID COACH ZINEDINE ZIDANE 10. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF REAL MADRID’S SERGIO RAMOS IN ACTION WITH OSASUNA’S JONATHAN CALLERI 11. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF REAL MADRID’S LUKA MODRIC ON THE FLOOR 12. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF REAL MADRID STRIKER, KARIM BENZEMA STORY: Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said his side’s match Osasuna should have been postponed due to the snowy conditions after the La Liga champions could only draw 0-0 on Saturday with the second-from-bottom side. The snowstorm that blitzed northern Spain and the Spanish capital forced Real to make the journey to Pamplona a day earlier than originally planned, while they were made to wait on the icy runway at Barajas airport for over four hours. Zidane’s side struggled on the icy pitch as snow continued to fall throughout the game. They failed to have a shot on target in the first half. The draw meant they missed the chance to leapfrog La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid, whose match with Athletic Bilbao was suspended due to the storm. Zidane felt the teams had been treated unfairly, especially since his side faced a difficult journey back. Real Madrid’s next match is the Spanish Super Cup semi-final against Athletic Bilbao in Malaga on Thursday (January 14) (Production: Tim Hart)

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