When you think about trends that define a generation, you have to consider the shelf-life. Speaking on behalf of Millennials and those within Generation Z, technology has dominated our lives. 

Within that realm of technology, virtual reality has seen a surge, unlike any phenomenon we’ve witnessed. Appropriately, it was only a matter of time before virtual spilled into actual reality. Every network, whether professional or personal, debates the pros and cons centering around one topic: Cryptocurrency.

One app in particular, 100xAltbase, has redefined the way that users are investing in crypto. No longer do you have to enter pages upon pages of information. With 100xCoin, the goal is to make investing as easy as placing your coffee order. 100xAltbase has already listed MMACoin, Safemoon, FEG Token, Baby Doge Coin, and BabyCake with more listings to come every 5 days.

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6ixBuzz spoke with the Founder of 100xCoin, Ken Llamas. He told us that his goal isn’t just to help investors along their journey. But he also wants to educate you about the lesser-known cryptocurrencies which really help to build the portfolio to begin with.

6ixBuzz: Why should people use 100xCoin to invest in crypto?

Ken Llamas: “100xCoin is a deflationary currency that benefits long-term holders. The new app – 100xAltbase – will allow users to buy altcoins using credit or debit card – with 100xCoin as the bridge currency, with a suite of interoperable products. This proposition will bridge new crypto investors to the smart chain, and other meme/community coins. Unlike other ‘pump and dump’ schemes seen in Crypto, 100xCoin is building for the future by establishing a solid product base.”

Although 100xCoin cannot advise or influence investors, their blog page has all the resources that you need in order to be successful when making decisions about where, and what, to look into.

“New articles are released every 2-3 days, across an array of cryptocurrency topics, including Meme Coin News, Crypto Security, and Binance Smart Chain analysis. Investors/speculators can use this and other information to then make decisions – on the basis of their own research,” Llamas said.

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100xCoin has already secured partnerships with innovative influencers like Jon Vlogs and Jay Alvarrez. Athletes like Dakoda Shepley, Zach Woods, Adrian Ross, and Keith Barry are also popular figures who the company has partnered with. The most recent partnership with Manny Pacquiao will soon solidify 100xCoin’s spot as one of the most prominent projects in the space featuring a scannable QR code to be seen during the night of his boxing match against Yordenis Ugas. They also frequently host AMAs with different key players and projects throughout crypto such as one of the most recent AMAs featuring Gary Vaynerchuk.

Even with the busy schedule that 100xCoin has, Llamas hosts a live stream on YouTube almost every day that offers a roadmap and product updates, along with community engagement events such as online shilling and raids. 

“We do proactive outreach to other projects, spreading 100xCoin across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram. Being identifiable to the community and thus showing complete transparency is important to 100xCoin. And, of course – competitions and airdrops,” Llamas said.

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