Lark Suggests 5 Altcoins to Buy Now For Huge Gains in June 2021
Lark Suggests 5 Altcoins to Buy Now For Huge Gains in June 2021
  • Lark suggested the top five altcoins that could see some big gains in June.
  • These five altcoins include Polygon, Theta, , Vega, and Formation.Fi.

Lark suggested the top five altcoins, that he thinks these coins got a huge chance to see some big gains in the month of June. These five altcoins include Polygon (MATIC), Theta (THETA), Cardano (ADA), Vega (VEGA), and Formation.Fi.

Five Altcoins to Buy for Huge Gains in June 2021

Let us look into five altcoins that could be bought for huge gains in June 2021.


Polygon (MATIC) has just been absolutely roaring over the last few months. It has been up over a dollar for a long time now. According to CoinGecko, the MATIC price is $1.82, at the time of writing.

However, Lark feels that the gains for polygons have not ended now. Moreover, the gain chain of MATIC is moving forward from here. However, there is a lot less opportunity versus users buying it at 4 cents or 10 cents or 30 cents over the past few months right now. Looking at a situation where it could still see moving up to like $10 per token which is obviously great gains potential but not as awesome as buying it at four cents but still, he thinks that Polygon is far from finished when it comes to gaining.

There’s just so much happening on the Polygon network. Notably, Polygon has just flipped Binance Smart Chain in the amount of daily transactions that is incredible stuff right here. It is possible to see all of the major d5 applications coming over to Polygon a BSC; it is largely its own ecosystem id. There is more transactions on Polygon than on Binance Chain and yet Binance Chain is worth you know five or six times as much as polygon right now in terms of market cap


Theta drop marketplace is coming in June. There is no exact release date for that yet basically they just said stay tuned for more details. Theta drop marketplace is an NFT marketplace coming to the Theta network that will of course be able to integrate with theta’s existing products to allow people to start bringing in NFTs to their different viewing experiences.

Big price catalyst for the Theta asset also coming in June for theta. In addition, we are going to see t fuel staking so as they say in their announcement here Theta main net 3.0 launch of Elit edge nodes and t fuel staking are now 30 days away that was mentioned on June 01, 2021. Users could also potentially play the t fuel asset in terms of making a trade a short-term position based off of this news event the main theta asset will likely also pick up based on what is happening here.

According to CoinGecko, the Theta price is $7.78, at the time of writing.


Cardano (ADA) is obviously a massive beast of a cryptocurrency with a $54 billion market cap so don’t expect this to do a 10x or anything like that over the next month. However, Lark thinks that we are going to see a lot of anticipation creating up for Cardano over the coming few months actually. More so, the smart contracts are now live on the test net for Cardano.

The introduction of smart contracts on Cardano is going to be a huge catalyst for this blockchain. Moreover, Lark thought in the run up to the launch of those smart contracts were going to see the price continuing to rally. However, people get more and more excited about the launch of Cardano’s full ecosystem finally coming into play. Right now we are starting to see different tokens being launched for Cardano.

Smart contracts on the main net in August are very exciting. Lark thinks that we will see the main Cardano asset continue to rally in anticipation of smart contracts coming on the main net. However, we were looking forward to making that play getting in before the main hype built around. This is when users want to start looking at this. Even though this is a catalyst that is a little bit farther out, it is potentially time to begin looking at Cardano now in terms of if user want to make that play or not, Cardano has been going crazy anyway over the last month

Vega is a protocol for creating and for trading derivatives. Moreover, the derivatives markets are massive, users can also trade with margins so users were going to trade margin financial products on their decentralized network. Decentralized derivatives is an incredibly big market, the derivatives market in the traditional stock world is worth trillions absolutely trillions of dollars so the market potential here for products like Vega is absolutely massive. Lark is of the belief that users were going to see the entire financial system over time.

Vega has already got a live test net that says a lot about where they are in terms of product development. Ofcourse that would make us believe that a main net will not be that far out so really exciting to see that actually coming forward here with their test that users can go and play around with right now. Moreover, users want to get involved in the token sale which is of course usually the best place to buy the tokens for the maximum possible financial gain then you need to go and check, it is happening over on coin list from tomorrow so it starts on the June 02, 2021, so go ahead and check it out if Vega protocol tickles users fancy.


Formation.Fi is bringing about the end of yield chasing welcoming to cross chain risk parity smart farming 2.0, so farming in case you were not familiar with it is something that is very popular in the cryptocurrency markets. It is like putting users’ stable coins into a protocol and they were going to pay out in their governance token or whatever it might be so users were farming those assets by putting their money into the protocol by providing liquidity usually in the market.

However, users might be getting some trading fees plus those farming rewards now the trick here is that those yields are constantly changing and new farms are popping up all over the place and users have to continually be monitoring the situation and move around from place to place. For example, wiring finance has done very well in terms of being a yield farming service that allows users to just put their dollars in so USDC stable coins. It could find good yield for users and then pay users out by having put money in their vaults but there are a few issues there that can of course be built upon to make it even better. One of those going into the cross chain works so that is where users see formation.

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