The bitcoin price rally is the most interesting topic nowadays. The narrow consolidation and a slight jump have compelled the traders to stand on their toes. And hence a slight jump from the current levels leads to a huge sell-off. Amid the BTC price swing, some altcoins follow the trend without much hype.

One of the popular analysts, Altcoin Psycho has listed such altcoins which manifest their capacity to outpower many tokens amid the bull run. The analyst predicts that the Cosmos ecosystem will massively thrive in the upcoming bull run. 

The analyst also mentioned altcoins like Thorchain, Rune will uplift the cosmos projects. 

“IMO most alts go lower first, but I think an eventual Thorchain run will violently drag up Cosmos projects like Persistence, Akash, and DPVN” he mentions.

Will The Altcoin Season Resume?

The surge in the Bitcoin price since the end of quarter 4 of 2020, had led the entire crypto space on fire. Many altcoins were gearing up and smashed their highest levels within a very short time frame. Yet during the time when the BTC rally had flipped sideways and major altcoins were on the verge to capitalize on the market, the crash dragged all the assets below 50%. 

Since then, all the assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum are attempting very hard to cover the losses and regain the lost positions. However, as per some market predictions, the second half of 2021 may be more fruitful than the first half. Most of the altcoins could regain the lost momentum required to surge high. 

Also, the hopes for BTC price to hit $100K are still alive where ETH price is predicted to smash $10,000. If the predictions all go well, then eventually the Bitcoin bull run could resume along with Altcoin Season. However, it still appears sceptical as the current price movements point towards a confined trend and hence a steep surge may not be accommodated. 

Collectively, as per many predictions, the Bitcoin price rally could regain the pace very soon and eventually uplift the Altcoin Season 2021.

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